Afytos (Afitos)


In the area where today we meet Kallithea, with the remarkable view, years ago you could find ancient Afitos.  Near the sea side area discovered were the ruins of the temple Ammonas Dias, as the findings show it is believed it was constructed the second half of the 4th century.  Its architecture is Dorian order and consists of 6 pillars on the narrow sides and of 11 pillars on the wider sides.  For its construction local materials were used, such as coghliatis stone coated with white stucco. The temples entablature is estimated to be replaced by marble towards the end of the 3rd century b.c.  At the front of the temple was a stone alter,  replaced by a smaller one during the Roman years. This smaller alter and the alters podium are saved to this day in very good condition.Near the temple Ammonias Dias they also honored the God Dionysus and the brides. There were separate sanctuaries for their worships.  In the same area the excavations bought to the surface a cave with stalactites which remains unexplored and undeveloped.  We are lead to this cave by stone steps carved on a rock leading to hollowness.