Its distance from Thessaloniki is 122 km and from Poligiros 80 km.
The Paliouri is found in the elevations of Kassandra, in distance of 3 km from the sea and in altitude 120 m. As village it is reported already by the 18th century. In his region found itself the small ancient city Theramvos. In the beach of Paliouri was founded by the E.O.T. in 1961 one of the first big tourist units of Chalkidiki: Xenia and the camping Paliouri.

The sights of area:
 Small collection of ancient sculptures in the courtyard of Community
office. Interesting elements of popular architecture (19th century) in the old houses of village. the beautiful pine-clad beach and the natural harbour in camping of E.O.T.  the aestival settlement in the coastal place Kanistro-Agjos Nikolaos (6 km). the Mediterranean village of Saint Paraskevi that is found in distance6 km. to the side of Thermaikos gulf.