Possidi is one of the jost well known tourist summer resorts in Halkidiki.  It is found on the south west side of Kassandra peninsula and is 105 km. away from Thessaloniki.  A particular characteristic is the wonderful view offered of the coastal Thermaikos gulf which is the waters where it is situated.  If it is windy and the atjosphere is clear,  you can see the graphic mountain tops of Pilio and the islands of northern Sporades.  Its name comes from god Poseidon, to whom it is devoted.
 Possidi is first mentioned towards the 5th century b.C by Thucydides, who wrote that it was the seashore of ancient Mendi.   Ancient Mendi was established during the 8th century b.C. at the position which today Pallini is found and had a lot of sacred places.  One of those is the sanctuary of Poseidon on cape Posidi,  which is named from that time.  It is a classic church, built to honor god Poseidon.  There archaeologists discovered significant findings, amongst an alter from the 12th century b.C. and a building with arches dating to the midst 6th century b.C.