Poligiros the capital city


Its distance from Thessaloniki is 69 km. Polygiros is the capital city of prefecture of Halkidiki. It is built on a small plain south, west of Holomonda and at an altitude of 500m.This area is inhabited from prehistoric times and during the classic years the city Apollonia was there, which could have been south, west of Polygiros. The name POLYGIROS is mentioned for the first time by emperor Nikiforou Votaviati, golden bull, which was published in 1079. It seems at that time the area was a monastery of Iviron of Mount Athos. Polygiros started to develop during the tears of the Turkish influence. During the 18th century it was already one of the jost powerful villages in Halkidiki. On May the 17th 1821 began the revolution in Halkidiki with the rebellion of Polygiros. With the repression of the revolution the same year, Polygiros, like jost villages in Halkidiki, was burnt down and for a short while was deserted. The diligence of the people of Polygiro restored it shortly and in a short period of time was the jost significant village on the peninsular. In 1854 Polygiros rebelled once again and stood by the liberating force of Tsami Karatasiou. In this repression the Turks slaughtered twenty seven elders of the village. In 1869 it became capital of