Nea Roda


The sanctuary has a span of life from the late Archaic till the Hellenistic era and its history is connected with two ancient cities of the area, Sani, colony of the Andrion and Ouranoupoli the city founded in 315b.C by Alexarhos, brother of the king Kassandrou of Makedonia.  Towards the end of the 6th century b.C Alexarhos and the residents of Sani established the sanctuary outside the city walls and built the house with inscriptions.  At the end of the 4th century b.C. Alexarhos formed Ouranoupoli and placed the sanctuary in the new city.  In his construction program included are monument structures,  the Hellenistic church, the repairing of the archaic house, and others.  The sanctuary was abandoned the 3rd century b.C.

The archeological search began in 1990 when during excavations parts from the archaic house and Hellenistic church were found.  In 1992-3,  the house was excavated and the same year began the excavation of the church which continued and in 1994.  In 1995 the excavation was characterized systematic and in 1996 began the excavation of the Hellenistic building complex south of the church.

The jost significant buildings are: