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Nea Skioni PDF Print E-mail
Its distance from Thessaloniki is 125 km and from Poligiros 81 km.
Nea Skioni it began to be built afterwards 1930, when was abandoned the Mediterranean village Tsaprani, that was found in distance of 4 kilometres from the coast. Tsaprani is reported also this as village by the 18th century.
The new settlement took his name from ancient Skioni, that was found in southly-eastern the village. Skioni was the ancienter colony in the Kassandra. 

At the Persian wars it accepted the obligatory conscription from their Persiansa. Between in concriptrers he was also the eminent swimmer Skllyis with the daughter of Idna, that escaped swimming, when the Persian fleet sinked the Magnisia.  Afterwards the wars became member of Athenian Alliance and paid tax six talents the by year's. During the Peloponnesian war it adhered in their Lacedaemonians. When the Spartans occupied the Plataies of Boeotia, they installed in the deserted city settlers from the Skioni. After little time Athenian overcome the Skioni, they slaughtered all the men from 18 years and above, enslaved women and children and in the deserted anymore city they installed the fugitives of Plataea. Skioni flourished up to the Roman years and are not known when it was destroyed finally. By the ancient city is not saved nothing above the ground today.

- The country church of Virgin Mary Revealed: it is easterly found roughly two kilometres of village, next in the street and in the sea. It was the temple of monastery dependency Thessalian abbey of Flamouriou. In 1881 (year of release of Thessaly) the monastery dependency and the temple they were granted in the Theological Faculty of Halkis, and for this today it is property of patriarchate. The temple of Virgin Mary saves a part from the murals with which decorated in the dues of 16 century. We do not have elements for the year of his construction. At a information he is built on old Christian ruins. In the temple of Virgin Mary was keeping the picture of Virgin Mary Revealed. It was painted in  marble base of cupreous statue, above in which are distinguished the cavities where were fixed the soles of statue. By the picture are saved minimal traces, because with the byway of time unsticking the painting surface.
-  For the picture of Virgin Mary Revealed exists the following popular
delivery: The picture came from the Thessaly sailing in the sea. When it became acquaintance in the region, gathered itself the world and it admired for the make. A Turkish notable, not believing that the picture came from the sea and wanting it offends holy the Christians, stepped above in this. Immediately the legs sinking in the marble and from then remained footprints.
- The ruins of old village (Tsaprani): Can go walking one hour in to the forest or with car. Is saved the old parish temple of village, built in 1867, with interesting popular architectural elements.
- The hot springs of Agia Paraskevi: they are southernly found in the rocky coast, in distance of seven kilometres in the Nea Skioni. It is hotly-sulphurous also we are advisable for rheumatic-arthritis and dermal diseases (eczemas, dermatites, mycosis on skin, psoriases, scabies etc). The organisation and exploitation installations of hot springs has the community of Saint Paraskevi.  Interest present and the sources from where gushing the hot springs. It is in small caves in the rocks beach, where can the visitor go down from builder abrupt scale.
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